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DePaul: Defense of Faculty Member

Statement of Professor Tina Chanter regarding Goswami Tenure Denial

Although Dr. Goswami is a recipient of the coveted excellence in teaching award at Depaul, and has superb teaching evaluations, colleagues in the Department of Philosophy took great pains to scrutinize the intent of students who had evaluated her, going as far as to raise questions about why her student’s reactions were so positive. This is something that is not customary in the department.


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DePaul April 2011

More Tenure Troubles at DePaul

Last year at DePaul every one of 22 white faculty members who applied for tenure got it; Goswami and Shelby were among half a dozen professors of color who were denied out of the dozen who applied (one was eventually reinstated). When they cried foul, claiming bias, procedural problems, and academic freedom violations, DePaul’s own tenure appeals panels looked at the evidence and concluded they were right. Over protests from students, other members of the faculty, and the American Association of University Professors, Holtschneider chose to ignore his own appeals board’s rulings and uphold the denials.

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