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I will be happy to give a guest talk at your college, university, conference.
Here’s where I’ve been so far:

University of California—Merced
Indiana State
Montclair State University
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Queens College-CUNY
National Women’s Studies Association
University of North Texas*
University of Missouri
University of Virginia
Hunter College-CUNY

Council of Graduate Schools/National Endowment for the Humanities
HuMetricsHSS—Michigan State University



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  1. Fawzia Afzal-Khan

    I am glad you have embarked on this project, a difficult one on so many levels, but important to do. Indeed, as Director of Women and Gender Studies here at MSU, I myself am the first woman of color to hold the post in the 30-plus years that the Program has been around. I can also tell you its been a challenge to get other women of color faculty to give their time and energy to the program by serving on its Advisory Board and Steering Committee–yourself included! Yes, I agree this is partly a function of faculty, esp junior ones and even more esp women of color–being kept real busy trying to “prove” themselves in the “traditional” discipline in which they were hired, wiht thus little time left over for pursuing other academic and activist interests including for “add-on” fields we might be passionate about like Women and Gender Studies, and which at our university is a program and not a dept. (this means faculty have to volunteer their time to get involved in it and ensure their own dept backs and recognzes their work in it). We do have one half-time hire who “belongs” 50% to our Program but as she and I both realized when she went up for tenure and promotion, its the “traditional” dept that really has the power here. She got her tenure, but promotion is still an issue as the “gender-focused” work is not seen and appreciated in the same way in her home dept as it is in W and G S. Its a challenge all right!

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